Phenix Half-Pint Successfully Concludes Company Flight Test in McMinnville, OR

Phenix Solutions, a renowned leader in the UAS industry, proudly announces the successful completion of the company flight test for their groundbreaking Multi-Capable Distribution Platform, known as the “Half-Pint.” Following its debut alongside the flagship Ultra 2XL Heavy Lift UAS Aircraft at the HAI Heli-Expo in March 2023, the Half-Pint was rigorously tested at the FAA UAS Flight Test Range in preparation for Medium Utility Lift System Flight Tests.

Expressing enthusiasm about the week-long testing phase, Phenix Solutions’ spokesperson stated, “The Half-Pint has proven itself to be an incredibly capable aircraft, showing great promise as a Utility Lift System. These tests further validate its use case, highlighting its ease of operation and exceptional control performance. The technical competencies demonstrated by the Phenix Solutions Team during these tests underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our customers demand high-performance UAS aircraft, and both the Half-Pint and the flagship Ultra 2XL unquestionably meet and exceed those demanding expectations.”

Powered by a turbine engine, the Half-Pint boasts a useful payload capacity of approximately 250 lbs. With its low operating cost, this aircraft serves as an ideal entry point for customers venturing into the Medium Cargo UAS marketplace. Phenix Solutions’ upcoming plans for the Half-Pint include conducting a Distribution Platform Cargo Demonstration for a valued customer, as well as participating in an AAM Flight Demonstration in collaboration with their esteemed teammates at the University of Alaska later this summer.

About Phenix Solutions, Inc. Phenix Solutions, Inc., an employee-owned small business and non-traditional Defense Contractor, has earned a reputation as a leading force in the design, manufacturing, and certification of Heavy-Lift UAS, notably the Ultra 2XL. Focusing solely on certified products to meet the needs of both military and commercial sectors, Phenix Solutions places emphasis on adaptive technology and a COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) strategy to drive their progress.

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