Altitude Angel Unveils New Drone Assist App Launch

Altitude Angel, the global leader in UTM (Unified Traffic Management) technology, is thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of Drone Assist, the UK’s most popular flight planning tool. Packed with new features and capabilities, the updated Drone Assist offers drone pilots an unparalleled understanding of the airspace and seamless access to it.

As the go-to flight planning app for both recreational and professional drone pilots, the new Drone Assist establishes the foundation for the UK’s booming £40 billion drone economy. The app now integrates directly with Altitude Angel’s UTM platform, delivering “one-tap flight authorisations” at connected airports and facilities worldwide.

In the upcoming months, the new Drone Assist will replace all existing Altitude Angel apps, serving as the gateway to a range of cutting-edge U-Space services offered by Altitude Angel and its customers.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel’s CEO and founder, stated, “All commercial drone operations start with a plan, and planning should start with Drone Assist. That’s why we’ve invested so much in creating an app that truly enables safe drone flights anywhere.”

Rolling out on Monday, 22 May, for iOS and Android, the latest version of Drone Assist represents the most extensive update since its initial launch in 2016, introducing a series of exciting new features and enhancements.

The updated suite includes advanced integrated flight planning, intuitive flight plan drawing tools, and approval services. Drone pilots can request digital access to fly in airspace, such as airport FRZs (Flight Restriction Zones), or land with access restrictions, all directly through the app.

With its user-friendly interface and enhanced features, Drone Assist caters to novice pilots while providing crucial services for experienced and professional operators.

Developed in collaboration with the drone community, the new Drone Assist incorporates feedback from over 400 active contributors through a beta testing program. Users requested enhanced flight planning features, which have been prioritized. Drone Assist now enables users to plan their flights using advanced drawing tools, creating polygons or waypoints and submitting the plan through the app. The flight details are displayed not only on the app but also across all of Altitude Angel’s UTM platforms, making other airspace users aware of their presence.

Additionally, Drone Assist introduces “pilot profiles” and aircraft management, allowing users to log drone operator profiles, flight hours, and airframe usage. These features prove invaluable for professional drone operators who need to manage and document their operational experience and maintain airframe service intervals.

Exciting upgrades and new features include:

  • New map layers, including satellite view.
  • Enhanced airspace filter controls.
  • Refreshed user experience and interface.

Richard Parker expressed his enthusiasm for the relaunch, stating, “We’ve witnessed a year-on-year increase in user numbers, and Drone Assist has been well-loved by pilots and operators, whether in recreational, commercial, or public safety sectors. Bringing the app back in-house has allowed us to deliver the improvements that we and our users truly desired. After extensive design, development, and beta testing, we are proud to release this updated version.”

He continued, “With the new Drone Assist, we provide a platform for drone operators to build businesses and unlock the potential of drones, revolutionizing various industries. This is just the beginning of our commitment to introducing new features and services that will benefit airspace users, managers, and landowners across the country and beyond.”

Altitude Angel invites drone enthusiasts and professionals to explore the enhanced capabilities of Drone Assist and embrace a new era of safe and connected drone flights.

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