The UAV Leasing Company – a major player in the MALE UAV segment

The UAV Leasing Company is launching its own line of MALE UAVs.

The Pipistrel Sinus and Virus are well-known amongst the ultralight pilot community as being a competitive solution for weekend flying and travel. This aircraft is also used by law enforcement for surveillance (a camera is fixed under the belly of the airplane) and by military agencies for training (the Indian Army bought circa 200 units a few years ago).

With exceptional aerodynamic features allowing for low fuel consumption and thus extra-long loitering capabilities, Leaseco has been proposing them under the AAROS* brand in an uncrewed configuration able to stay aloft for more than 15+ hours with a payload of 150+ kilograms for such missions as illegal maritime activity, border patrol, search and rescue and even scientific monitoring in Antarctica and disaster relief.

In 2022, Leaseco launched an ambitious UAV Consortium involving composite and autopilot experts as well as experts in the field of certification and ISR. The goal is to launch a next generation platform similar to the Sinus but specifically designed for uncrewed missions. The new platform will have enhanced wings with next generation laminar airfoil and optimized planform, a leaner fuselage, reinforced structural points and a retractable landing gear which should improve its performance by 30 to 45%. A new company is being formed which will host all the relevant IP and will be attracting investments soon.

“Illegal fishing is hurting the economies of many countries, terrorists are crossing borders unencumbered, rhinos are being poached, people need rescuing at sea… why aren’t we doing anything about it?, says Charles Hergott, Founder and Director of Leaseco. Our vision is to make this type of asset available to those who need them most”.

The AAROS Family of UAVs is at a very competitive price point on the market, 5 times less expensive than similar UAVs and roughly at $50 per flight hour. In comparison, jets or helicopters currently used for Surveillance or Search and Rescue have operating costs of $2000-$5000 per hour.

About UAV Leasing Company

The UAV Leasing Company was founded in 2019 by aviation entrepreneur Charles Hergott. The UAV Leasing Company provides consulting services for the implementation of Medium and High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Platforms and hybrid crewed/uncrewed missions with MD Helicopters in its portfolio of products.

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