Smaller, Safer, and Easy To Use: EasyOne Drone LiDAR

Microdrones, a pioneer in drone surveying, has announced a new drone platform called EasyOne at the Xponential event. This platform is specifically designed to meet the demands of geospatial professionals and focuses on three key areas: transportability, a simple control interface, and ease of use.

EasyOne is a fully integrated drone system that can carry Microdrones’ LiDAR and photogrammetry surveying equipment. It offers several improvements over the company’s legacy drones:

  1. Easier to Transport: EasyOne has a smaller operational form factor compared to previous platforms but retains the same payload capacity. It can be packed down even smaller, fitting the drone, remote, charger, two batteries, and payload into a protective storage case that is compact and lightweight.
  2. Improved RC Controller and mdCockpit Interface: The platform features an entirely new controller design with an enhanced user interface and safety features. The remote control and tablet are integrated into one control unit, and first-person view (FPV) is available directly on the remote.
  3. Easy to Use: Microdrones aims to make it even easier for geospatial professionals to adopt the technology. They offer complete systems that include the drone, RC, mdCockpit flight planning software, survey LiDAR+imagery payload, LP360 data processing software, workflow, training, and support. EasyOne is designed as a comprehensive package.

In addition, Microdrones provides the Easy Replacement Program, which allows customers to quickly receive a replacement EasyOne in case of accidents or issues in the field.

The EasyOne lineup offers three fully integrated LiDAR sensor options for customers in North America:

  • EasyOneLiDARUHR+
  • EasyOneLiDARUHR or UHR Lite

The EasyOne platform has a new autopilot integrated into a single board, reducing cabling, weight, and the risk of connection-related failures. It also incorporates additional sensors to enhance safety and awareness. The mdCockpit software ecosystem for mission planning and control is directly integrated into the RC. EasyOne is certified as a “Remote Identification Unmanned Aircraft” following FAA regulations.

Microdrones is committed to responsible sourcing and plans to offer NDAA-compliant EasyOne systems for government customers. They are also pursuing Green UAS Certification.

Microdrones has partnered with GeoCue to provide geospatial experts with the best drone surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow, training, and support for high-accuracy LiDAR and drone mapping. Together, they aim to assist civil engineering and surveying professionals in successful data collection, processing, and management.

For more information on Microdrones and EasyOne, visit their website at To learn about GeoCue, visit

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