Drone Harmony Now Supports the Entire DJI Enterprise Drone Lineup

Drone Harmony, the leading UAV mission planning and capture software provider, has announced that
it now supports the entire DJI Enterprise drone lineup. This new capability will help commercial drone
operators to improve their aerial inspections and surveys with faster, safer, and more precise

By supporting the Matrice 300 RTK, Mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal, and Matrice 30 Thermal, Drone
Harmony’s cutting-edge technology empowers commercial drone operators with the right equipment to
get the job done. The DJI Enterprise drone lineup’s advanced features, such as obstacle avoidance,
intelligent flight modes, and high-resolution cameras, make aerial inspections and surveys more efficient
and effective.

“We are excited to announce the support of the entire DJI Enterprise drone lineup,” said Dr. David
Adjiashvili, CTO of Drone Harmony. “Our software’s compatibility with these market-leading drones and
payloads will help our customers to take their data capture to the next level with precision and ease.”
With this new support, Drone Harmony’s software allows customers to plan and execute their missions
seamlessly with the newest generation of DJI drone hardware, adding a new dimension to their data
capture capabilities. The compatibility with the entire DJI Enterprise drone lineup will enable commercial
drone operators to provide a more efficient and accurate aerial service, particularly in inspection,
surveying, and mapping.

For more information about Drone Harmony and its services, visit www.droneharmony.com

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