Autel Robotics’ Inaugural Global Partner Summit Takes Flight with Promising Start

Autel Robotics successfully launched its first-ever Global Partner Summit at Le Meridien Xiaojing Bay in Huizhou, Guangdong, China on April 26th, 2023. The summit featured the unveiling of innovative new products, including the EVO Max Series and Ecosystem products, such as the EVO Max 4T, equipped with a Zoom Camera, Wide Camera, Thermal Camera, and Laser Rangefinder, and the EVO Max 4N, which boasts a new Night Vision Zoom Camera. The summit also marked the first public viewing of Autel Mapper, the company’s newly updated software designed as a one-stop solution for 2D and 3D mapping.

In addition to showcasing its latest products, Autel demonstrated its latest developments in the drone industry, including its new Airborne ISR Solution, aimed at empowering industries with drone-to-drone collaboration capabilities. The summit also included the unveiling of a groundbreaking new e-VTOL UAV, designed with a unique upper monoplane, V-shaped tail layout, and retractable three-point front landing gear.

The summit concluded with an outdoor demonstration of Autel’s recent product releases and systems, including the Dragonfish Nest and EVO Nest, which are designed for mobile take-off and landing stations.

Autel Robotics Chairman, Frank Lee, expressed his enthusiasm for the summit and Autel’s renewed focus on innovative UAV and drone solutions. The event was a major success, with Autel staff and partners from around the world coming together to celebrate the future of the drone industry.

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