DroneShield Provides Unmatched Security for IRONMAN Texas 2023

DroneShield Limited , a leading counter unmanned aerial systems (UAS) company, is proud to announce that after placing a follow-on order, the Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (MCOHSEM) deployed DroneShield’s DroneSentry System for the IRONMAN Triathlon Championships 2023 in Woodlands, Texas for the second year in a row. The event was held earlier this month.  

The DroneSentry system is a multi-sensor platform designed to provide advanced warning and early identification of potential threats posed by unmanned systems. By detecting drones and providing real-time alerts, the system allows for quick and efficient responses to potential threats, mitigating risks associated with the rise of unmanned systems.
“Through repeat orders from early adopters, like the Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, it is evident that the need for cutting-edge counter drone detection technology remains crucial for public events and critical infrastructure facilities,” said Jayde Wilks, Sales Executive at DroneShield. “We are dedicated to assisting security operators in navigating the complex landscape of C-UAS and offering innovative solutions that prioritize community safety and public security.”

The IRONMAN Championships is a high-profile event that draws athletes and spectators from around the world, and with the proliferation of drones, the risk to public safety has increased. The DroneSentry System provides real-time alerts to security personnel, enabling them to respond quickly to any potential threats posed by unmanned systems.
DroneShield’s innovative solutions are increasingly relied upon by law enforcement, military, and security organizations worldwide to safeguard against the threat of rogue drones. The combination of RfOne radiofrequency sensors, RadarZero radar, and DroneOpt camera system with DroneOptID, an AI-powered detection, identification, and tracking software, makes the DroneSentry an optimal solution for public safety and security operators.
Jason Milsaps, Executive Director at Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (MCOHSEM), commented, “DroneShield was asked to return to the event to support the deployment and assist end-user familiarity with the equipment for the second year, following the initial successful deployment last year. The equipment is modular, easy to set up and take down, and provided world-class performance for this critical event.”
With its modular design, sensor agnostic platform, and rapid deployability, the DroneSentry stands out as the top choice for public safety and critical infrastructure markets. DroneShield’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security for all continues to drive the development of innovative counter-UAS technology.
For more information on DroneShield’s products and services, please visit www.droneshield.com.

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