Dronetag’s Remote ID Solutions: A Gift to the Drone Community

Dronetag, a leading provider of drone Remote ID solutions, has launched a new educational website aimed at helping drone pilots stay safe and compliant with the latest regulations. Drone-Remote-ID.com provides a comprehensive overview of available Remote ID solutions and current policies in different regions, making it easier for drone pilots to understand the new regulation and how it impacts their specific use cases.

Designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, Drone-Remote-ID.com compares all available Remote ID solutions and answers all questions drone pilots might have about drone identification policy in their region. According to Lukas Brchl, the co-founder and CEO of Dronetag, “The new website is our contribution to the drone industry. In striving for a safer sky, we invested our time to make the Remote ID as easy to grasp as it gets.”

Dronetag’s team of experts is committed to keeping the information on the new website up to date, ensuring that drone pilots have access to the latest information about Remote ID technology. The Remote ID is a crucial technology that helps the drone industry get ready for autonomous operations, sharing airspace with manned air traffic or conducting advanced drone flights with larger drones even beyond the line of sight.

Dronetag’s Remote ID devices provide add-on transmitters for existing drones, while modules are used by manufacturers who built them directly into their drones’ internal circuits. Dronetag devices transmit identification and location data to other airspace participants via Dronetag App, which offers advanced fleet management tools to professional pilots. The company’s vision of safer airspace relies on innovative unmanned traffic management and digitally visible drones.

For more information on Dronetag and its Remote ID devices, visit www.dronetag.cz. With Drone-Remote-ID.com, Dronetag is making an important contribution to the drone community, providing valuable resources and expertise to help drone pilots stay safe and compliant in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

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