Elistair Expands its Drone Power Solutions with Tethered Module for DJI M30

Elistair, the leading manufacturer of tethered drone systems for persistent surveillance and tactical communications, has announced the launch of its new tethered power module for the DJI M30 drone. This retrofit module is compatible with the Ligh-T and Safe-T Ground Power Stations, and allows for hours of uninterrupted flight up to 70 meters in height. Designed for police, firefighters, and first responders who require a continuous aerial view with minimal logistical impact, the module offers a continuous power of 1000 Watts and is easily fixed at the back of the drone.

“Our goal is to offer great flexibility to Law enforcement and first responders by continuously enhancing our compatibility with the most suitable drones for security missions. We offer the widest range of air modules, and the development of a module dedicated to the DJI M30 was highly anticipated. The main challenge was to develop a module that was light and powerful enough to allow operators to fully exploit the observation capabilities of the M30 thanks to an optimal flight altitude,” said Guilhem de Marliave, Elistair CEO.

Elistair has over nine years of experience in the field of tethered drone systems, and its products are used and deployed by armed forces, law enforcement, civil security, and private security in over 70 countries for event protection, perimeter surveillance, border protection, and pop-up communications. The company’s offices are located in France, the United States, North Carolina, and the Ivory Coast.

Orders for the new module are now open, and deliveries will start on April 30. Elistair is organizing an online demonstration of its new DJI M30 module on April 27.

Register at https://elistair.com/online-events/.

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