JACKAL Drone Completes Successful Trial Firing of Thales Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM)

Flyby Technology, a UK-based drone developer, along with Turkish partners FlyBVLOS Technology and Maxwell Innovations, has successfully completed the first trial firing of a Thales Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM) using its JACKAL drone system. The JACKAL drone is a versatile Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) platform designed to satisfy a number of roles in modern combat operations.

During the six-week trial, Flyby and Thales teams were able to build two operational JACKAL aircraft and successfully fire two LMMs in an impressive demonstration of agile teamwork. As a plug-and-play system, new equipment and technologies can be incorporated into JACKAL between missions as well as during continued development.

Flyby Technology CEO Jon Parker is a former RAF and Royal Navy fighter pilot, and he and his team have brought many years of operational experience to bear in the design of the capability. The company says that JACKAL can give nations the same effect as attack helicopters and modern fighter jets with little risk at a fraction of the price.

About Flyby Technology: Flyby Technology is a UK-based drone developer that has brought together warfighting expertise with rapid prototyping and drone building expertise to develop the JACKAL drone system. The team is now seeking UK manufacturing partners to build JACKAL at scale and designing weapons perfectly suited to the drone’s new attack drone role.

About Thales in Northern Ireland: Thales in Northern Ireland is a leading high technology company in the country, employing more than 700 people in the defense and space sectors. Thales contributes over £50 million to Northern Ireland’s GDP and has a strong commitment to investing in Northern Ireland’s future talent, supporting research at one of Northern Ireland’s leading universities and supporting STEM outreach in primary and secondary schools in the region.

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