URVEY Copter Unveils Highly Versatile and Modular VTOL UAV ‘CAPA-X’

SURVEY Copter, an Airbus subsidiary specializing in the design, production, and operational support of light tactical unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has announced the launch of a new light tactical UAS called CAPA-X at the SOFINS Special Forces exhibition.

The concept behind the design of the CAPA-X UAS was to create a flexible drone system that can easily adapt to the unique needs of public decision-makers, armies, and parapublic forces. This modular system offers a wide range of configurations to fulfill various missions, including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, target detection and tracking, investigation, damage assessment, communication relay, cargo transport, and search and rescue. CAPA-X is designed to allow the drone components to be modulated, enabling it to adapt to all types of terrain and missions.

The propulsion system of CAPA-X can be configured as either VTOL or HTOL, enabling vertical or conventional take-offs and landings, optimizing logistical footprint and performance. The UAS also features two wing configurations (short and long) to suit missions requiring hovering at high cruising speeds or increased flight autonomy. Additionally, CAPA-X is equipped with a payload bay to integrate different sensors, making it possible for operators to use them simultaneously and address various types of missions.

The design of CAPA-X is also based on ensuring it can navigate safely in all types of environments, including land, coastal, and maritime, and as close to the front lines as possible, ensuring maximum mission capability for military operations.

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