Airwayz Collaborates with Royal NLR to Expedite the Implementation of Drone U-Space

Airwayz, a leading provider of Dynamic Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Unmanned Traffic Service Provider (USSP) solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). This partnership aims to accelerate the development of the drone industry across Europe by combining NLR’s expertise in Air Traffic Management (ATM) with Airwayz’ dynamic UTM system.

As part of the collaboration, Airwayz and NLR will work together to conduct trials, research best practices, accelerate R&D, and respond to industry Requests for Proposals (RFPs) together. By leveraging NLR’s extensive experience in airspace management and Airwayz’ proprietary AI-powered UTM system, the two organizations seek to create an efficient framework for U-Spaces, enabling their accelerated deployment across Europe.

The collaboration between Airwayz and NLR will also open new avenues for exploring Urban Air Mobility (UAM) schemes, which are set to revolutionize transportation in urban areas. NLR, as an independent and innovative research center for the aerospace industry, plays a critical role in solving global airspace challenges and facilitating partnerships between science, industry, government, and society.

Airwayz’ dynamic UTM/USSP software can monitor and coordinate multiple fleets of drones in real-time, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of commercial drone activities. This collaboration signifies new levels of commercial opportunity for drone ecosystems and is poised to make a significant impact on the drone industry’s growth and development in Europe.

In summary, Airwayz’ collaboration with NLR marks a significant milestone in the development of the drone industry. By combining their respective expertise, the partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of U-Spaces across Europe and support the emergence of UAM schemes. The collaboration represents a promising opportunity for commercial drone activities and underscores Airwayz’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of unmanned traffic management.

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