DDC Incorporates Detect and Avoid System for Safe Care by Air Delivery Route

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), a leading drone delivery company, has announced that it has implemented a detect and avoid (DAA) system on its Care by Air delivery route. The new technology will enhance the safety and efficiency of DDC’s operations.

The Care by Air delivery route is a critical service for transporting medical supplies and other important goods to remote and hard-to-reach areas. With the DAA system, DDC can now ensure that its drones can safely operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), complying with Transport Canada’s regulations.

The DAA system, which utilizes radar and other sensors, can detect other aircraft and obstacles in the drone’s path, allowing the drone to automatically adjust its flight path to avoid any potential collisions. This system is a significant improvement in the safety of DDC’s operations and helps to ensure that medical supplies are delivered quickly and efficiently to those in need.

“We are proud to implement this new technology on our Care by Air delivery route,” said Michael Zahra, President and CEO of DDC. “The DAA system is a critical component in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of our drones, and it will help us to continue to provide important medical supplies to remote and hard-to-reach communities.”

DDC has been working closely with Transport Canada to obtain approvals for BVLOS operations, and this latest implementation is a significant step forward in the company’s efforts to expand its operations and offer drone delivery services to even more customers.

With this latest technological advancement, DDC continues to lead the way in the drone delivery industry, setting the standard for safe and efficient operations.

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