RigiTech Leads the Way with Daily BVLOS Drone Delivery Service in France

RigiTech, a Swiss drone manufacturer, has achieved a major milestone in the field of drone delivery by becoming the first company to operate a full regular BVLOS (Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight) route in France. The company’s Eiger drone, which is specifically designed for cold-chain transportation of blood and biological samples, has been approved for daily flights between laboratories along the approved route linking Bourgoin-Jallieu to Tignieu-Jameyzieu.

Thanks to its large payload bay and long-range capabilities, the Eiger drone is an efficient and sustainable delivery solution, capable of carrying a payload of up to 3 kg and medical boxes with up to 150 pre-conditioned blood vials. By utilizing this innovative technology, RigiTech is able to reduce delivery time by 50%, as the route between the two laboratories usually takes 30 minutes by car, but only 15 minutes by drone.

“We are extremely proud to announce that we’ve achieved this major milestone in France, and that we’re the first drone delivery company able to start a daily BVLOS delivery service,” said David Rovira, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of RigiTech. “Our team of committed engineers have been able to combine innovation and efficiency with a strong safety-first approach, making the future of medical logistics a reality.”

This breakthrough in drone delivery technology is already transforming access to healthcare services, enabling faster diagnosis and faster access to treatment for patients. RigiTech continues to develop new aerial logistics networks throughout Europe, with its latest success being the BVLOS drone delivery for laboratory logistics in Switzerland.

Overall, RigiTech’s achievement highlights the significant impact that drone technology can have on the future of logistics and healthcare services, and the company’s commitment to innovation and safety make them a leader in this field.

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