uAvionix Introduces pingRID to Enable FAA Mandated Remote ID Broadcast for Drones

uAvionix, a leader in drone avionics solutions, has announced the release of its Remote ID Broadcast module, pingRID. This aviation-grade, lightweight transmitter is designed to provide drone operators with the fastest and easiest way to comply with the FAA Remote ID rule.

The pingRID is a product of uAvionix’s years of RF innovation and experience delivering highly effective avionics for crewed and uncrewed aircraft. With pingRID, operators can ensure compliance with the FAA’s Part 89 Remote ID standards and maintain safety throughout each flight.

“We are pleased to apply our avionics experience to deliver a product that meets the FAA’s requirements without sacrificing the drone operators’ time or aircraft performance,” said Paul Beard, uAvionix CEO and Academy of Model Aeronautics Hall of Famer. “With pingRID, you simply charge, attach, and fly – it’s that easy.”

The uAvionix pingRID is pre-configured and ready for use out of the box. Once operators assign the device’s unique identification number to their drone’s registration with the FAA, they can attach the lightweight, battery-powered transmitter and prepare for flight. A simple set of LED indicators provides status updates on battery charge, device readiness, and in-flight operations.

The FAA’s final rule on Remote ID becomes effective on September 16th, 2023, and requires all drone pilots to meet the operating requirements of Part 89. To comply, operators can fly a drone equipped with Standard Remote ID, a Remote ID Broadcast module like the pingRID, or fly at a Federally Recognized Identification Area (FRIA).

Drone operators are encouraged to plan ahead for the Remote ID mandate and explore available options for compliance, such as uAvionix’s pingRID.

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