D-Fend Solutions and Securiton Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Drone Detection and Defense Solutions

D-Fend Solutions, a leader in radio frequency (RF) and cyber-based counter-drone takeover technology, and Securiton Germany, a specialist in security systems, have entered into a partnership agreement that designates D-Fend as the supplier of Securiton’s C-UAS solutions.

Under the partnership, D-Fend Solutions will provide its market-leading flagship technology, the EnforceAir system, for which it conducts research, development, and innovation. Securiton will perform direct sales, marketing, scoping, planning, technology implementation, and support for these counter-drone security systems throughout Germany.

“We are extremely pleased to join forces with Securiton in Germany,” said Amit Haimovich, Vice President of Sales at D-Fend. “Together we can achieve great things that German customers can look forward to.”

The EnforceAir system will integrate with Securiton’s SecuriDrone Fortress perimeter management system to create a comprehensive solution for drone detection and defense. This RF-based protection method can reliably detect and defend against drones from either stationary or mobile positions. The multi-layered solution employs several EnforceAir capabilities, including drone detection and tracking, controlled takeover, and early detection of potential drone threats without false alarms.

EnforceAir and SecuriDrone Fortress will allow seamless transition from threat detection, classification, tracking, identification, and verification to the deployment of appropriate defensive measures, such as a controlled takeover of the drone. This solution minimizes the likelihood of collateral damage and does not affect other communication systems in the area.

Through this partnership, D-Fend and Securiton are combining their strengths and integrating next-generation sensors for drone detection and defense, providing a fully comprehensive system for 3D object and perimeter security, known as “Dome Security.” The solution offers complete coverage from ground to air, which no other product on the market is currently able to provide.

Drone operators and defense and security industries in Germany can look forward to a robust and reliable counter-drone security solution through the partnership of D-Fend Solutions and Securiton.

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