Blueflite and Spright Partner to Enhance Medical Logistics Capabilities

Blueflite, a company offering an advanced logistics drone platform for faster, more cost-effective, and sustainable deliveries, has announced a new long-term partnership with Spright, a leading drone services provider in the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, Spright has placed options for 40 units of Blueflite’s advanced logistics drone platform, with an initial four units to be delivered over the coming months. In addition, Spright will integrate Blueflite’s cloud-based drone operations and productivity tool into their fleet, allowing for end-to-end automation, data services, and full integration with existing systems.

Spright, a company that operates across the globe to provide timely access to critical medical resources, will use Blueflite’s drones to extend care to those in need, setting new standards in drone technology.

According to Joe Resnik, President of Spright, “We chose Blueflite because of their advanced drone tech and digital integration. Our requirements to provide drone-enabled medical logistics services greatly benefit from a one-stop solution, like the Blueflite platform, to enable end-to-end automation, data services, and full integration with existing systems.”

Blueflite’s patented drone platform was designed specifically for logistics missions and offers several advantages for Spright’s mission profile. The unique hardware design features vectored thrust, allowing for complex flight mission profiles and operating in challenging environments. Additionally, the platform features an enclosed payload bay with multiple access points to protect sensitive cargo like medicine, specimens, and life-saving medical supplies.

“Our drone was designed specifically for logistics missions,” said Blueflite co-founder and CTO, James McClearen. “Through years of research and development efforts, every detail of the Blueflite platform has been designed to enable drone operators to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, and operate in complex and challenging environments by providing them with the most advanced technology.”

Blueflite plans to deliver the first drones to Spright over the coming months and will begin with integrating Blueflite’s cloud-based digital platform into their fleet. This partnership marks a significant step forward for both companies in the advancement of unmanned aerial systems for medical logistics and other industries.

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