Iris Automation and VOTI X Join Forces to Offer Comprehensive Drone Management for Safe BVLOS Operations

VOTIX, a drone automation technology leader, has announced a strategic partnership with Iris Automation, a safety avionics technology innovator, to enable safe Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights. The partnership integrates Iris Automation’s Casia G ground-based detect and alert system with VOTIX’s cloud-based drone operating system to provide a complete picture of the operational airspace in real-time. The integration enables automated conflict resolution and brings a new level of safety and mission capability to customers looking to expand their operations at scale.

The Casia G system monitors the airspace and provides precise location and classification data of intruder aircraft, enabling automated conflict resolution via the VOTIX platform. VOTIX’s drone-agnostic solution enables and tracks effective command and control (C2) and live video stream, including the use of cellular connectivity, integrates weather tracking and traffic management, controls operational limitations, automates fail-safe measures to increase safety, performs autonomous flights, enables precision landing, and integrates drone-in-a-box.

VOTIX CEO Ed Boucas said, “Our mission is to make BVLOS easy. We have integrated every aspect of drone operation in a single pane of glass so pilots can easily perform safe and secure BVLOS flights.”

Iris Automation’s VP of Product, Jason Hardy-Smith, added, “Our partnership with VOTIX is a terrific example of delivering a complete platform for RPICs to safely and efficiently execute their missions.”

The partnership offers a complete hardware-software solution that enables safe BVLOS flights for enterprises that need effective and flexible drone BVLOS deployments, from routine automated inspections of critical infrastructure to rapid mobilization seen in Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs. The solution creates a stationary perimeter of sanitized, monitored airspace without the need to add additional sensors or payload to the drone. Using patented computer vision technology, Casia G alerts the Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) if a risk of collision is present and allows the drone to maneuver to safe zones.


VOTIX is an American drone software company that developed the first platform capable of truly delivering drone automation, orchestration and remote operation, while being hardware agnostic. VOTIX expands drone capabilities and productivity by enabling BVLOS operations, autonomous flight, precision landing and drone-in-a-box integration. VOTIX is a cloud platform that automates drone operations so you can MANAGE missions, resources and data, STREAM real-time flight videos to anyone and FLY drones remotely and autonomously from anywhere. VOTIX is the most powerful platform to support your drone operations. VOTIX, Go Beyond!

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About Iris Automation

Iris Automation is dedicated to creating an aviation environment where no two aircraft ever collide in mid-air. We leverage innovative AI-based vision technology that enables uncrewed and crewed aircraft to mitigate the risk of airborne collisions – vital for safe, scalable, and efficient operations across countless industries. Iris’ onboard and ground-based Casia systems give operators the situational awareness and automation needed to safely navigate an increasingly complex and congested airspace. We work closely with civil aviation authorities globally as they implement regulatory frameworks to advance safety and efficiency in aviation.

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