Robotican’s Rooster Hybrid Drone System Helps Spanish Army Scan and Clear Buildings in Military Exercise

Robotican’s hybrid drone system, the Rooster, recently completed a building scan-and-clear mission for the Spanish armed forces during a military exercise that simulated a hostile urban environment. The SPF company scanned and cleared the buildings using the Rooster as part of a breaching maneuver to penetrate the compound while keeping forces out of harm’s way. The Rooster, controlled by a Robotican operator located two kilometers away, scanned the upper floors and relayed real-time intelligence to the forces on the ground.

The Rooster is a revolutionary, safe, and easy-to-operate hybrid system for indoor and underground unmanned reconnaissance missions. It combines ground robotics and drone capabilities to provide a rapidly deployable platform with long-endurance capabilities to support indoor missions. The Rooster is also capable of rolling over all types of terrain and flying over obstacles, staircases, furniture, or through windows, thanks to its flexible cage that prevents any damage to the drone caused by in-flight collisions with structural obstacles.

Robotican specializes in developing and manufacturing autonomous robotics and drones for challenging operational needs. The company has supplied unique and creative robots and drones to the defense, HLS, and civilian sectors since 2013. The Rooster can carry additional payloads to meet the diverse end-user requirements of modern militaries, special forces, first responders, HLS (homeland security) forces, and commercial organizations.

Telefónica Ltd. collaborated with Robotican during the Foro 2E+i – Fuerza 2035 military exercise in Toledo, Spain. The Rooster efficiently provided vital information and real-time video for intelligence assessment during the exercise. The Rooster’s ability to scan and clear buildings remotely and relay critical data in real-time enhances the safety and effectiveness of military operations.

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