New Partnership Paves the Way for eVTOLs in Denmark

HCA Airport in Odense and Copenhagen Helicopter have formed a new partnership to establish an infrastructure for electrically powered, flying taxis in Denmark. The partnership aims to build a landing pad on the roof of Odense Banegård Center and have the first flying taxi arrive on Funen before the summer holidays. The companies plan to introduce a fleet of CO2-neutral flying taxis to transport passengers between Odense, Copenhagen, and other cities and towns across Denmark and Europe.

This new infrastructure, called Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), is already being developed in cities such as Los Angeles, Munich, and Seoul. AAM is a new green infrastructure that provides opportunities to transport the population via the airspace and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions, noise levels, and more.

According to CEO of Copenhagen Helicopter, Martin Andersen, AAM holds a very large potential and will be able to move 84,000 passengers daily and remove 120,000 tons of CO2 annually from Danish roads in 2035.

The partnership aims to attract foreign AAM actors to HCA Airport and establish test and demonstration activities, as well as service and maintenance in the long term.

Odense Municipality also supports the ambition for more sustainable forms of transport and to set high ambitions to be the first with new technologies. Odense Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel said that this may be the beginning of a new way of transporting people and goods. In the future, flying taxis could fly on green power produced by Danish offshore wind turbines and contribute to moving traffic away from the roads.

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