GradeOne Group and UAVOS Collaborate to Showcase Comprehensive Land and Air Capabilities at IDEX 2023

UAVOS Inc. and MP3 International, a member of GradeOne Group, will be exhibiting a wide range of their cutting-edge security technologies for unmanned land and air platforms at the upcoming International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2023. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from February 20-24, 2023, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. UAVOS and MP3 International will be at booth #CP-270,05.

The companies will showcase their family of uncrewed jet-powered aerial targets, Arrow 2, and an improved version of Arrow 3, as well as an anti-drone laser system. The Arrow 3 is an advanced target drone with a length of 3.3 m and a wingspan of 3.4 m. Capable of carrying up to 50 kg of load, the drone can fly at a maximum altitude of 12,000 m and operate up to 530 km. It is powered by a jet engine, allowing it to reach a maximum airspeed of 520 km per hour, and is launched by a high-performance catapult. It also features UAVOS’ advanced autopilot system, the ability to operate in GNSS jamming, and resistance to electronic warfare.

The Arrow 3 drone is suitable for simulating the threat of various manned and unmanned systems, including fighter jets, UAVs, and cruise missiles. It can operate autonomously and can be recovered using a parachute. Additionally, the performance of the aerial target drone can be adjusted using various plug-in modules, making it a versatile solution for training purposes.

The anti-drone laser system that will also be showcased is a counter-unmanned aircraft system that offers precise drone detection and tracking capabilities with an Electro-Optic system. It allows for the laser neutralization of drones, making it suitable for military and civil applications, such as border protection, maneuvering forces, airports, and public facilities, among others. The system’s efficiency lies in its ability to neutralize the target with minimal environmental damage, making it an eco-friendly solution to security threats. Unlike rocket weapons and small arms, it doesn’t create physical objects that can damage infrastructure and people.

The partnership between UAVOS and MP3 International to showcase their security technologies at IDEX 2023 highlights their commitment to providing cutting-edge and reliable solutions that meet critical security challenges. This partnership is also an important step in building strategic relationships in the Middle East and advancing the development of unmanned security technology in the region.

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