Ameriflight Inks Plan to Buy 35 VTOL Air Cargo Drones from Sabrewing Aircraft

Ameriflight Signs Letter of Intent to Purchase 35 High-Efficiency VTOL Cargo Drones from Sabrewing Aircraft Company

Ameriflight, the largest Part 135 Cargo airline in the US, has signed a letter of intent to purchase 35 of Sabrewing Aircraft’s Rhaegal-A VTOL air cargo drones, also known as “Alpha”. These drones offer high-efficiency, all-weather operation with vertical landing and takeoff (VTOL) capabilities, and are the most fuel and maintenance efficient cargo UAVs available. Following certification of the aircraft, Ameriflight expects to take delivery of the drones.

The addition of the Sabrewing drones to Ameriflight’s fleet will enable the company to explore new business opportunities in distribution center logistics, helping to develop a faster and more efficient warehouse distribution network. With a payload capability of over 2,000 pounds, the Rhaegal-A drone is ideally suited for medium-lift category operations.

“Our goal is to build diversified aviation services, and this purchase complements our current flying operation, aircraft, and pilots,” said Ameriflight President and COO Alan Rusinowitz. “We are excited to partner with Sabrewing on this new fleet and to have them at the forefront of autonomous innovation.”

Sabrewing’s Rhaegal-A drone is the world’s first autonomous cargo aircraft capable of both vertical and conventional takeoff. The drones offer long range, payload capacity, and sustainable fuel efficiency that maximizes cargo mission range. The innovative design also allows the drones to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%, while still maintaining the efficiency to fly cargo between facilities four times faster than can be driven.

This is Ameriflight’s second agreement to purchase autonomous aircraft, following its recent agreement with Natilus to purchase Kona aircraft, a 3.8-ton payload short-haul feeder uncrewed aerial vehicle. The addition of both types of autonomous aircraft will complement Ameriflight’s existing operations, aircraft, and pilots.

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