UK Ministry of Defence Awards Royal Navy Contract to Schiebel and Thales

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded the prestigious Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS) contract “Peregrine” to Schiebel and Thales. The contract will provide the Royal Navy with the advanced CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS, equipped with top-of-the-line naval surveillance sensors to enhance the protection of ships during operational tasks.

Schiebel and Thales will integrate a range of high-precision Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensors into the operationally proven S-100. The Thales I-Master radar, an EO/IR camera, and an Automatic Identification System (AIS), all integrated with CarteNav’s AIMS Mission System, will provide all-weather detection and identification of unknown targets.

The S-100’s fast launch capability, exceptional mission endurance, and high-quality sensors will enable it to locate, track, and identify targets, providing additional security for the ship and crew. The real-time transmission of high-definition imagery and radar data to the system operator and ship’s Combat Management System (CMS) will provide the crew with crucial time to make operational decisions.

Hans Georg Schiebel, Chairman of the Schiebel Group, said, “We are incredibly proud that the CAMCOPTER® S-100 has been chosen by the UK Ministry of Defence for its prestigious Peregrine program. The S-100 is the ideal UAS for a growing number of navies worldwide and has proven its superiority and exceptional capabilities through numerous operational deployments.”

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