Demand for Unrestricted Drone Operation Fueling Production Increase at Asio Technologies

Asio Technologies Expands Operations to Meet Growing Demand for Drone Freedom Solutions”

Asio Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial position systems for navigation, positioning, mission planning, and mission management, has announced a major expansion in response to the growing demand for its products. With the increasing threat of drone jamming and spoofing, aviation regulatory agencies and militaries are strengthening their requirements for navigational robustness. To meet this demand, Asio Technologies is doubling its production and assembly lines and recruiting additional employees to ensure the successful delivery of its NavGuard jam-proof navigation solution, a unique solution that offers unrestricted drone operation.

According to David Harel, CEO of Asio Technologies, “We are thrilled to open the new year with this exciting expansion, which will allow us to better serve our customers and provide the reliable and robust navigation and mission management solutions they need. Our NavGuard system is a unique solution that provides drone freedom and meets the growing demand for secure and reliable navigation systems”.

About Asio Technologies
Asio Technologies serves the defense and paramilitary markets, with a specialization in geospatial position systems encompassing navigation, positioning, mission planning, and mission management. Asio Technologies prides itself in holding several innovative registered patents in positioning and north finding.

With a core focus on target acquisition, augmented orientation, mission planning and a common language for the tactical command level, Asio’s solutions are based on actual operational experience ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance to targeting and weapons guidance. Over the years Asio has built a track record of manufacturing and supplying dozens of combat-proven innovative solutions,
according to Mil-specs and ISO standards.

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