MissionGO and Valmont® Team Up for Infrastructure Inspections

MissionGO, Inc. and Valmont® announce their service partnership and mutual efforts toward a stronger infrastructure system utilizing aerial solutions including uncrewed aircraft for inspections. With identical values and goals of improving utility – from bridges to power lines – MissionGO and Valmont look forward to using UAS infrastructure inspections to improve peoples’ lives.

Valmont currently serves customers across six continents and in over 100 different countries in creating vital infrastructure that helps keep roadways safer, connects communities and enables a more resilient and reliable power grid. Their work in renewable energy helps generate cleaner, more sustainable power. Their focus is not just on maintaining current infrastructure, but also innovating and actively pursuing a future where infrastructure not only supports communities but empowers them. Valmont product lines include Utility, Lighting and Transportation, Telecom, Solar, Coatings, Irrigation and Ag Tech.

MissionGO is currently servicing one of the largest UAS inspection contracts in the world and has a proven track record for the highest standards of inspection work and results. The team focuses on delivering high-quality and data-rich information at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional manual inspection services. At MissionGO, the number one priority is always safety. Doing the job is not just enough – MissionGO delivers on the guarantee of a job done right, well, and safely.

The team will be working together on infrastructure inspections across the United States. From visual inspections to LiDAR work, MissionGO and Valmont are bringing together the best in efficiency and safety.

About MissionGO

MissionGO is a leading provider of UAS solutions and services. Formed by the professionals responsible for the first successful human organ delivery used in a transplant surgery via UAS and taking the first single-rotor UAS through the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Type and Production Certification process, MissionGO has been trailblazing the UAS industry by innovating critical infrastructure inspections, medical and commercial cargo delivery, and UAS training and program stand-up. MissionGO is a portfolio company within JSP Ventures.

Learn more at www.missiongo.io.

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