KULR Technology Group to Showcase Innovative KULR VIBE at 2023 Autonomous VTOL and Electric VTOL Symposium

KULR Technology Group, Inc. a leading energy management platform company committed to accelerating the global transition to a sustainable electrification economy, announced today that it will demonstrate its cutting-edge KULR VIBE suite of products and services at the 2023 Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting and Electric VTOL Symposium. The event will take place from January 24-26, 2023 in Mesa, Arizona, and KULR is honored to be a sponsor of this highly-anticipated annual symposium.

The symposium is in its 10th year and is renowned for providing a platform for leading presentations and interactive discussions on the latest advancements in electric vertical takeoff and landing (“eVTOL”) aircrafts, as well as the challenges that still remain. Invited presentations from all areas of eVTOL will be discussed, from researchers and leaders in academia, industry, and government agencies from around the globe, and cover all-electric, hybrid-electric, and hydrogen-electric propulsion systems.

KULR VIBE’s software is based on Artificial Intelligence with “learning” algorithms, which has been proven to significantly reduce vibration in current and next-gen technology in hundreds of applications, including aviation, transportation, renewable energy (wind), manufacturing, industrial, performance racing, and autonomous aerial (drone) applications.

“Vibrations destroy everything,” said KULR’s President & COO, Keith Cochran. “Vibration issues never get better on their own; they destroy rotating components, critical electrical assemblies, induce wire chafing, cracking, and fatigue of metal and composite structures, and cause loss of equipment and life. Removing vibrations increases battery efficiency, resulting in longer flight time, increased payload capability, and extended life of all rotating components.”

Customers can contact KULR at contact@kulrtechnology.com to schedule an onsite software demonstration and to learn how the KULR VIBE suite of products and services can be customized to address specific vibration issues. The company is committed to providing solutions that can help organizations across industries to enhance their operations, improve their performance, and drive sustainable growth.

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