NestGen ’23 Virtual Summit to Highlight Latest Tech & Solutions Enabling Drone Autonomy

FlytBase, Inc. is excited to announce the second edition of NestGen, the industry’s largest global virtual summit centered on autonomous BVLOS drone operations. The NestGen summit, which will take place on
February 23rd, 2023, is a 12-hour event featuring more than 45 distinguished speakers at the forefront of the commercial drone industry.

Registrations to the event are free till 31st January 2023:

What’s happening at NestGen?
With the aim to foster conversations on autonomous drone technology, this year’s NestGen conference will feature sessions from experts at DJI, Iris Automation, Elsight, TruWeather Solutions, Hover UAV, Aerodyne, Delta Drone International, Citymesh, Paladin Drones, EVA, Zing Drone Delivery, Valqari and other leading organizations of the drone industry.

The keynote, panel discussions, and sessions will cover a diverse range of topics including the applications and verticals of autonomous drone technology, drone-in-a-box solutions, BVLOS enablers, and drone delivery operations. At the demo arena, attendees will also have the opportunity to see the demonstration of over eight latest drone-in-a-box stations.

Attendees will also get to participate in interactive workshops, product displays, hands-on demonstrations, specialized breakout sessions, and Q&A segments. Additionally, networking roundtables will be set up to interact with their peers and discuss the current challenges and trends in drone autonomy.

The ‘Why’ Behind NestGen’23
“2022 has been a significant milestone for autonomous drone operations. With numerous positive affirmations from industry leaders, new docking station launches, regulatory waivers, successful deployments, and case studies, it is a matter of when rather than why BVLOS operations will become mainstream.” Nitin Gupta, Founder, and CEO of FlytBase, elaborated.

Drone-in-a-box (DiaB) systems have emerged as a must-have for autonomous drone operations. Previously too expensive and complex for widespread use, docking stations today have become a highly affordable option for standard, commercially available drones, thanks to recent advances in modular, compact, and dependable DiaB systems.

As a result, the technology’s applications and users have expanded, as has the global market for DiaB systems. They have also significantly improved industrial asset security, forest fire response, drone delivery, asset inspection, and asset management.

By providing a platform for discussion and collaboration, NestGen aims to bring together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to demonstrate the best practices and solutions for getting started with autonomous BVLOS drone operations.

Recap of NestGen’22
The previous edition of NestGen featured 41 experts, who conducted over 25 sessions on various critical topics related to drone autonomy, such as BVLOS flight safety, regulations, latest trends, and the adoption of drone-in-a-box for monitoring construction sites, emergency response, and security operations. The conference attracted 1480 participants from 76 nations around the world. The Demo Arena showcased
demonstrations of cutting-edge modular drone docking stations like Hextronics Global, Airscort Mini, Idiployer, and CounterDome, out of which 3 such drone docks were showcased for the first time at NestGen.

The conference featured speakers like Kamarul Muhamed, Founder and Group CEO of Aerodyne (Malaysia), Jackie Dujmovic, Founder & CEO, Hover UAV (Australia), Gemma Alcock, Founder & CEO, Skybound Rescuer (UK), Philip Binks, Head of ATM, Altitude Angel (UK), Dawn Zoldi, Founder & CEO, P3 Tech Consulting LLC (USA), Grant Guillot, President, Grant Guillot LLC (USA), Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO, Drone Nerds (USA) and other industry experts.

Who Should Attend?
The NestGen conference is an opportunity for professionals from the commercial drone industry, including drone service providers, hardware and software developers, dock makers, distributors, resellers, UTM providers, and other systems for BVLOS and autonomy, to come together and discuss the latest developments in the field, network with peers, and explore collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, businesses who are already using or planning to use drones for commercial applications, such as perimeter security, asset inspection, and construction progress tracking, will be able to learn more about how autonomy can optimize their operations through case studies, and will also be introduced to key players in the industry.

Call for Speakers
Interested proponents with new products, applications, or case studies in this space are invited to apply for a speaker slot at the event by filling up this form:

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