Ford files patent for innovative moonroof docking system for UAV’s

The patent details a system that utilizes a pod assembly located in the moonroof of the vehicle. The UAV would be stored in a recessed compartment within the assembly and can be deployed when needed. The moonroof docking system also includes a charging and cooling system to ensure the UAV is charged and ready for use. The system is designed to detect if the device is too hot and engage the cooling system based on predetermined thresholds, this way, the UAV is always ready to use.

The patent filing also mentions that the system would include sensors and cameras that can be used to detect obstacles and ensure a safe deployment of the UAV. It also includes a control system that can be operated by the vehicle’s infotainment system or a mobile device.

This innovative moonroof docking system for UAVs is yet another example of Ford’s efforts to explore new ways of utilizing UAV technology in their vehicles. Ford has filed several other UAV-related patents in recent years, including a collaborative system between an unmanned aerial vehicle and an automobile, an unmanned aerial vehicle integration system, and a vehicle-mounted aerial drone container.

The growing use of UAVs in various industries has increased the demand for efficient storage solutions. This moonroof docking system could prove to be a convenient and practical solution for UAV storage and deployment in vehicles. With this patent filing, Ford is positioning itself as a leader in the integration of UAV technology into the automotive industry.

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