IN-FLIGHT Data and Airial Robotics Host Extreme Weather Demo

One of Canada’s most reputable operators in the world of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), along with high-performance, and award-winning RPAS manufacturer Airial Robotics successfully conducted its first joint, extreme cold weather demonstration. The product demonstration was a culmination of technical and business skills from a number of international participants including from Germany, UK, Scotland, Hungary, USA and Canada. 

The extreme cold weather demonstration was performed to showcase the advanced technical proficiency of the new GT20 aircraft. Weather conditions at the time of the demonstration were -15°C / 5°F, which in the observed 15 m/s wind (54 kmh / 34 mph), felt more like -42°C / -44°F. 

During the mission, the aircraft performance was impressive and even during the extended-hover portion of the demo in such blustery winter weather, the aircraft was rock solid in the air. The aircraft wind limit tops out at just over 100 kmh / 62 mph. Flight duration can extend to 150 minutes effective flight time with a 0.6 kg payload.

A very special thank you to the University of North Dakota Aerospace for the use of their expansive campus for setup and configurations, as well as the test field facilities at Grand Sky UAS Business Park. The facilities were very impressive, and were a perfect match for the advanced technologies that make out the GT20 aircraft. The teams look forward to more future aircraft demonstrations both in Canada and the United States this winter.

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