DroneSentry-C2 Command-and-Control System Upgrade

DroneShield is pleased to announce it has released the latest v8.1.0 version of its DroneSentry-C2 Command-and-Control System to its enrolled users globally.

Both secure cloud-hosted and on-premises editions of the DroneSentry-C2 software receive regular software updates, which include upgrades to DroneShield’s edge computing server (SmartHub), computer vision AI engine (DroneOptID) and sensor fusion (ComputeNode) components of the system.  

This update of DroneSentry-C2 includes security improvements including patches for security vulnerabilities, bug fixes and performance improvements.  

Major upgrades include:

  • Improved drone model classification
  • Enhanced optical target tracker
  • Enhanced management of false positives
  • Addition of RfPatrol handheld sensors for a site plan
  • Enhanced Planning Tool to enable streamlined site proposal generation

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This major software update, incorporates a substantial amount of end-user feedback. DroneShield is unique in developing its own proprietary sensors and integrated systems, which enable seamless user experience. As drones continue to present an urgent and growing threat to a range of our customers including military, law enforcement and critical infrastructure users, the Command-and-Control (C2) system provides a smart AI-enabled interface for them to operate our systems.”

“Importantly, as our C2 continues to be deployed across a growing range of end customers, this facilitates an increasing user subscription base. DroneSentry is our flagship fixed site detect-and-defeat counterdrone product, and DroneSentry-C2 is the enabling software for it, thus these critical updates assist in growing user adoption of the DroneSentry systems.” 
Additional information about the system can be found at https://www.droneshield.com/sentry-c2.
About DroneShield Limited
DroneShield provides Artificial Intelligence based platforms for protection against advanced threats such as drones and autonomous systems. We offer customers bespoke counterdrone (or counter-UAS) and electronic warfare solutions and off-the-shelf products designed to suit a variety of terrestrial, maritime or airborne platforms. Our customers include military, intelligence community, Government, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, and airports globally.

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