D-Fend Solutions Closes Multiple U.S. Federal Government Security Deals in 3Q22

 D-Fend Solutions, the leader in radio frequency (RF), cyber-based, non-kinetic, non-jamming, counter-drone takeover technology, is proud to announce that this past quarter, 3Q2022, it sold over $3 million in EnforceAir counter-drone security systems and components to various United States federal security agencies.

The agencies span across a range of sectors and applications in U.S. defense, homeland security and law enforcement, with the contracts distributed across multiple high-profile departments and agencies.

“We are pleased to provide our solutions to our customers across multiple Federal agencies who employ the most advanced C-UAS technology, for their varied environments and use cases, in a manner that is non-disruptive while preserving continuity,” said S. Danny Rajan, General Manager, US, D-Fend Solutions. “This is not only a great accomplishment for D-Fend Solutions, but also for the protection of sensitive sites, activities and environments that could be at risk from dangerous drone incidents or attacks.”

D-Fend Solutions’ technology, built into its flagship EnforceAir C-UAS system, has been recognized as best-in-class and deployed by government agencies and airports around the world. EnforceAir users benefit from protection against rogue drones across a variety of at-risk sectors including military, public safety, airports, major event and critical infrastructure environments.

Find out more at d-fendsolutions.com.

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