ASTRA-UTM Approved for LAANC by the FAA

AstraUTM is delighted to announce that the company has been approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation
Administration) as part of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) initiative, an innovative collaboration between the FAA and the drone industry that provides near real-time processing of airspace authorizations for Part 107 drone operators nationwide who fly in controlled airspace.

Following the approval by the FAA, AstraUTM will be offering its UTM platform and applications to drone operators across United States, providing access to controlled airspace around 732 airports in the US.

“The United States is the largest market for drones and drone services – almost double that of Asia-Pacific and 1.5 times the European market. Getting the approval from the FAA for our LAANC implementation ranked very high on our to-do list for the past year. Our focus in the US is going to be aimed at the enterprise and industries seeking UTM and fleet management solutions with LAANC capabilities baked-in” said Asam Khan, CEO at AstraUTM.

With its LAANC implementation going live by end-of November, AstraUTM will now be operational in 5 continents, with National, Regional and Enterprise implementations across Australia, Canada, Finland, UAE and other geographies.

About Astra UTM:
ASTRA UTM is a world leading UTM solutions provider with multiple national deployments. The ASTRA platform provides the next generation of modular cloud-based, scalable UTM Solutions enabling ANSP’s and Enterprise to service the drone services industry.
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