IN•FLIGHT Data Growth Continues with Move to 8th Busiest Airport

One of Canada’s most reputable operators in the world of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) has graduated to its next logical step in its evolution, relocating its operations and headquarters to the 8th busiest commercial airport in Canada. 

The new IN•FLIGHT Data facility is much larger and safer than the previous base of operations, and offers many immediate advantages. The new IN•FLIGHT Data headquarters will oversee larger advanced RPAS operations, with larger aircraft, carrying out professional RPAS training to Transport Canada standards for larger aircraft, and work closely with the airport and the broader manned aviation community. 

“Springbank is one of the busiest training airport’s in Canada, and 8th busiest overall. With IN•FLIGHT now on-board, we look forward to continuing to build bridges and relationships with our aviation colleagues, to integrate large Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 RPAS into the aviation industry.” says Chris Healy, IN•FLIGHT President. “This also gives us a training location where we can continue to grow our training program and offering across Canada and the world from our professional studio.”

The move also reflects changes happening in the global aviation industry in a broader sense. Whereas drones were once viewed with suspicion and concern by the manned aviation sector, there’s now recognition of the incredible utility of these devices. Before long, manned and unmanned aircraft will be routinely and safely sharing the same airspace.

As for Chris Healy, this continues a natural evolution that will see IN•FLIGHT Data bolster its already recognized training program. “There aren’t a lot of advanced drone operators at airports right now, for any class of aircraft. Going forward, Class 2 and 3 RPAS training will become a significant larger portion of our business. This will give us a training location and studio that’s going to look very much like you’re watching the national news.”

About IN•FLIGHT DATA: Based at the Springbank Airport in Calgary Alberta, this RPAS service provider has built an outstanding client base since its 2014 inception, carrying out missions for private companies, organizations, and government agencies. It holds three Guinness World Records for its drone flights, has a perfect safety record, and also trains pilots. 

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