DroneShield releases 4Q22 software update

DroneShield is pleased to announce it has today commenced the release of major tactical enhancements across its global fleet of counter-drone (C-UAS) devices.

These enhancements are applied to its portable, vehicle/ship and fixed site devices. These tactical improvements are the result of close collaboration with the end users across the military, intelligence, Homeland Security, and law enforcement.

In addition, enrolled devices receive a quarterly update to the proprietary DroneShield RFAI Artificial Intelligence engine.

Major upgrades include:

  • Detection Speed Improvement: A further 25% scan speed improvement across DroneSentry-X and RfOne devices. In most environments a full spectrum scan is completed in less than 1 second.
  • Spectrum Record Function: The capability to record high-fidelity spectrum samples. Operators can now take spectrum recordings for site survey/reconnaissance, radio frequency anomalies and new drones.
  • Spectrum Recorder available from RfPatrol onboard display: Allows the operator to record signals of interest, rapidly from a dismounted position.
  • Onboard Spectrum Viewer added to RfPatrol: Operators can review their local radio frequency spectrum in near-real time via their RfPatrol display, without the use of a secondary connected device.
  • Spectrum Viewer automatic assistance added to Device Manager interface: Operators are provided with helpful information specific to their local radio frequency environment from the Device Manager interface.
  • Advanced Signal Filters: Advanced signal filters can now be added from the Device Manager to filter out specific signals based on their properties such as frequency, vendor, protocol or detection angle.
  • RFAI Metadata exposed via API: To assist system integrators, the underlying metrics that the AI system considers within a detection event can be streamed via the device API.

Angus Bean, DroneShield Chief Technology Officer, commented, “This quarterly firmware release was developed in close collaboration with end users to provide greater tactical advantage for operators on the ground. The update enables operators to better understand their RF environment, even capture samples for post analysis. Working with end users we will be able to utilise these samples to improve detection performance and add new signals of interest to the RFAI software model. We are providing operators with advanced tools to rapidly view, filter and send critical information, resulting in faster, informed decision making.”

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