Sky Power International with new distribution partner in India

Sky Power International has gained an exclusive distribution partner for the Indian market, Zerosum Technologies Pvt Ltd. The new distributor offers products and systems for the development and operation of UAVs and works with numerous drone manufacturers in the national market.

“India is one of the most important Asian markets for us. We are therefore pleased to have gained a partner in Zerosum Technologies, whose contacts we have already worked with successfully on previous
projects,” says Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of Sky Power. Zerosum Technologies will take over
the entire product portfolio of Sky Power International, which includes the two-stroke and Wankel
engines, the compact single-cylinder SP-28 CR engine up to the powerful two-cylinder SP-275 TS
engine. All engines are offered in different versions, such as carburator and FI, with and without
generator, etc. In addition to the engines, Zerosum Technologies will also offer all ancillary items such as
propellers, filters and engine control units. The Indian distributor will also be the local service and
maintenance partner for all Sky Power International engines and, in addition to test services, will also
assist in integrating the engines into UAVs. To this end, the company employs industry veterans with
extensive technical backgrounds.

Zerosum Technologies Pvt Ltd, a registered mid-sized company, provides subsystems for the emerging
Indian UAV industry. India aims to be at the forefront of UAV technology in all sectors. A goal that can
only be achieved with the best and most technologically advanced subsystems. The partnership with Sky
Power International is expected to make India the local center for testing and overhauling propulsion
systems that meet the requirements of the next generation of engines. “Sky Power International
represents the best-in-class technology in the UAV space. We are excited to be partnering with them.
This perfectly dovetails in our Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat to make the country self-
reliant in critical technologies. We plan to co-develop next generation engines for India and the World”
says Vikram Bansal, CEO of Zerosum Technologies.

About Sky Power
Sky Power International is a leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion- and Wankel engines for UAS
(Unmanned Aerial Systems) and hybrid applications. Besides in-house development and manufacturing,
Sky Power International produces all engines in Germany. Custom adaptations, new developments and
continuous performance improvements of the combustion engines are ongoing company objectives.
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