EVTOL Company Jetson Set to Close $10 M Seed Round With +$8M Secured

Jetson, the pioneering aviation company and producer of the Jetson ONE, a first of its kind commercially available eVTOL, today announced the company is set to close a $10M seed round with +$8M secured and looking to finalize the remainder within the month.

Jetson is currently the only eVTOL company on the market that can provide a commercially available personal electric aviation vehicle. The demand for the Jetson ONE has been phenomenal, supporting the company’s dream to ‘make everyone a pilot’.

“Our mission at Jetson is to democratize flight and make the skies available to everyone. We achieved fantastic results during our first investment round. We will now go full speed ahead with mass production, R&D and hiring top talent to bring our vision to reality.”

– Peter Ternström, Jetson co-founder and President

The lead investors in the $10M seed round are global tech operators. Luca Spada, Nik Robinson and Rikard Steiber. They all share a passion for flight and are pioneers in their respective fields.

Luca Spada, Founder and CEO of EOLO. Will be joining the Board of Directors together with the founders. EOLO is an Italian operator that manages one of the largest Fixed Wireless Access Networks in the World.

“Flying has always been one of mankind’s greatest dreams. The technology that is developing with drones will open scenarios of exciting epochal changes in people’s transport. Tomasz and Peter had a brilliant vision with Jetson and I am fully convinced that the Jetson ONE will be the forerunner of a new generation of both recreational and business vehicles.”

– Luca Spada, Eolo CEO and Founder.

Jetson investor Nik Robinson, a tech entrepreneur with an impeccable track record, and one of the most influential innovators in the internet gaming industry. Nik’s investment company Splendid Stuff covers a wide range of technology from music NFT pressing to AI analytics, electric transportation, and online gaming.

“I have been following the EVTOL space for some time, and the cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology developed by Jetson is what sets them apart in the Urban Air Mobility and Advanced Air Mobility Sector.”

– Nik Robinson BigTimeGaming CEO and Founder

The Jetson ONE official launch movie, published on the 21st of October 2021, became an instant media hit with 15 million YouTube views. In less than a year, the ‘Flying Formula 1 Car’ has garnered over 40 million views on YouTube.

Jetson has sold over 400units, with thousands ofpurchase requests during the same period.

Jetson will continue to invest in R&D, recruitment and mass production and will be opening operations in the US in 2023. Jetson’s first external investor Swedish Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Rikard Steiber will drive the US expansion plans.

“North America accounted for the largest share of 34.5% of the eVTOL aircraft market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.0% during the forecast period. Early adoption of eVTOL aircraft for urban air mobility is also being witnessed in the US.”

-Markets and Markets, Evtol Aircraft Market, 2021

The Jetson ONE is built to comply with existing FAA regulations. Making the Jetson ONE the perfect eVTOL for the US market.

“Jetson is on a mission to define the future of air mobility and transportation. Our innovative eVTOL vehicles will move ground-based transportation up in the air democratizing flight. We are enabling new and exciting ways of travel which will solve many problems, ultimately making our cities a much better place to live.”

-Tomasz Patan, co-founder, Jetson ONE inventor.

This month also sees the opening of Jetson’s new R&D and limited production facility in Arezzo, Tuscany. The private airfield south of Florence combines an industrial facility and an 800-meter airstrip perfect for daily flight testing. The airport will also be home to a client experience centre and pilot school.

Jetson will be inviting clients with an assigned chassis number to test fly the Jetson ONE in the Spring of 2023.

The first 200 chassis are due for delivery between October and December 2023. Jetson is currently on target for 2023 delivery and working on the next steps towards mass production.

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