DJI Shows The Future Of Working Drones At AirWorks 2022

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, opens its annual AirWorks conference today featuring the next generation of drone hardware and software that will transform professional operations all over the world. From the automated DJI Dock that can launch drones in remote locations, to an agricultural drone that can spray more than 80 pounds of liquid, to apps and software suites that can manage an entire fleet of working drones, AirWorks 2022 gives more than 600 drone industry professionals from 46 countries the tools to integrate futuristic tools into their work today.

“DJI has pushed boundaries for 15 years to create the future of possible, and even as basic professional drone flights have become routine, we’re enabling more complex, automated and powerful drone applications every day,” said Grant Hosticka, Head of Solution Engineering for DJI in North America, who led the AirWorks keynote address today. “We know DJI Dock is inspiring our customers and partners with ideas for how a rugged and automated drone system can work in their industries. AirWorks is the place where the smartest and most experienced drone people put their minds together to develop tomorrow’s amazing solutions.”

AirWorks is the world’s first opportunity to see DJI Dock, the programmable base station that enables a DJI M30 drone to perform fully automated waypoint flights. The Dock can protect the drone from the elements, prepare it for launch, receive it upon landing, download the data it captures and recharge its battery – all while monitoring for obstacles in the air or at ground level. As regulators increasingly approve automated flights beyond visual line of sight, DJI Dock will transform professional operations by enabling important flights in remote locations without the need for a human holding a drone controller at the site. DJI Dock is scheduled for four demonstration flights during the course of AirWorks.

Attendees can also see the newest drone in DJI’s line of agricultural drones, the Agras T40, which can spray up to 40 liters (equivalent to 88 pounds) of liquid fertilizer over a farm field. With more powerful motors and more advanced nozzles, the T40 in one hour can successfully spray a 52-acre field – about four-fifths of a square mile. The T40 is packed with other advancements, such as cameras to map a farm field during a flight, that will make precision agriculture drones an ever more vital tool for farmers to safely feed a growing world.

AirWorks 2022 is the sixth annual edition of DJI’s user conference and the first to be held in person post-pandemic, filling The Mirage hotel convention center in Las Vegas with the experts who are trailblazing new uses for drones in construction, energy, transportation, conservation, public safety and countless other fields. Across three days of panels, programming and live demonstrations, AirWorks showcases how DJI products have become the indispensable tool for work around the world; how our partners have expanded the ecosystem with their own payloads and software; and how the businesses and organizations that use DJI products are developing deep industry-specific integrations to make their work more efficient.

DJI has led the drone industry in allowing developers to build their own software systems to operate DJI drones for optimal results in specific industries. Our software development kits (SDKs) create a path for more than 100,000 registered developers to come up with creative solutions tailored to the unique needs of different users: Flight control apps, software systems for mission planning or data analysis, and specialized payloads and attachments. At the AirWorks keynote address, two leading developers, DroneDeploy and DroneSense, will showcase their solutions built on DJI SDKs, including integrations already underway to control DJI Dock for industry-specific operations.

“DJI and our partners in the DJI ecosystem have moved far beyond the basics of professional drone operation in just a few years, and we’re thrilled to have so many people excited to see what they can build with this new range of products and systems,” Hosticka said. “The pace of innovation in the drone industry is relentless, because the possibilities are endless.”

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