Stratolaunch Talon-A to Integrate with SkyRange Hypersonic Program

Stratolaunch, LLC is pleased to announce they have been added to the Test Resource Management Center’s (TRMC) Integration Innovation Inc. (i3) team to demonstrate the SkyRange airborne test assets capability by tracking the first Talon-A hypersonic flight.

The SkyRange program is developing, operating, and integrating advanced sensors and capabilities for a fleet of air-vehicle systems that will support hypersonic test and evaluation. The program’s test architecture includes both MQ-9 Reapers and RQ-4 Global Hawks allowing for a broad range of data capture on a variety of mission scenarios that will enable decision-making for high-speed system testing and fielding. This unique capability will increase national high-speed systems flight test capabilities and frequency, and ultimately enable leap-ahead technologies for our nation’s warfighter.

Stratolaunch’s hypersonic flight test service is centered around its Talon-A, a reusable autonomous hypersonic testbed vehicle which provides a flexible test architecture for hypersonic flights and experimentation. During the Talon-A’s maiden hypersonic flight, it will operate as a high-speed vehicle, which TRMC SkyRange assets will acquire, track, and otherwise support to validate developmental instrumentation payloads.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to provide the SkyRange program an operational application with our first Talon-A hypersonic flight,” said Dr. Zachary Krevor, President and Chief Executive Officer for Stratolaunch. “This mutually beneficial partnership will increase the pace and reduce cost of testing, which is critical to hypersonic system technology development.”

About Stratolaunch

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