RDARS opens its 1st UAS Command and Control Center in Miami, FL.

RDARS Inc. an autonomous robotics and drone technology company developing advanced autonomous drone and robotic systems for alarm system augmentation and surveillance, is pleased to announce that it has opened its first UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Command and Control Center in Miami, FL. This center, in addition to several more planned centers for growth and redundancy purposes, will allow its FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) licensed drone operators, using the Eagle Watch technology system, to manage its global fleet of autonomous systems, namely its Eagle Eye Drone and Eagle Rover UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), improving the security situation of the property and people in the vicinity, and greatly enhancing situational awareness of the area of concern. The remote operators will also be trained for Security Alarm Response Management and are anticipated to be integrated into the Alarm Monitoring Stations and Public Safety Agencies for data sharing, transmission, and emergency response purposes. As this technology and level of operational control falls under FAA’s beyond visual line of sight environment (“BVLOS“), the Company will be seeking waivers and certification from all necessary regulatory bodies through the rigorous BVLOS testing of its products as the Company’s applications progress over the next 9 months.

Each Eagle Watch Command Center will be receiving and transmitting data over redundant high-speed networks and operating on Amazon Web Services in order to provide the highest level of availability and service. Recent natural disasters, like Hurricane Ian, has demonstrated the tremendous potential for services like Eagle Watch where first responders could use this technology to provide live video imaging from places where damage has occurred. The Eagle Watch platform has its own reserve power and could be used as a base by first responders in emergency situations.

RDARS believes that this is the way of the future as more beyond visual line of sight UAS systems are deployed and require the necessary tools to integrate these systems safely into the National Airspace.

“We are really excited about the evolution of our systems, the industry, the technology, and the regulatory oversight that is occurring to allow for the realization of visionary systems to make the country a safer place and emergency response times faster and better,” said Charles Zwebner, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “We are forging ahead and are proud of our vision, system designs, and state of the art technology leading the way with breakthrough autonomous systems,” added Charles. 

About RDARS Inc.

RDARS possesses a disruptive technology that is advancing the security industry’s approach to protecting commercial, industrial, and residential properties, by introducing protection with autonomous artificial intelligence systems that allows for real time response, situation awareness, verification, intervention, evidence recording, data capture, analysis, and immediate downstream transmissions to public safety agencies. RDARS has the ability, upon a property security breach, in real time to receive, analyze, and downstream the data and inform public safety agencies who the perpetrators potentially are before they even arrive at the property.

Founded in 2019, RDARS is an original equipment manufacturer of its flagship product, the Eagle Watch Platform, comprised of Eagle Eye, a drone, Eagle Nest, a drone station, Eagle Rover, an indoor robotic system, and Eagle Watch Command & Control Software. The Company’s autonomous robotic systems provide situational awareness in a cost effective and reliable manner. The Company’s mission is to improve alarm response and situational awareness by obtaining required approvals from federal regulatory agencies for BVLOS operations. RDARS is currently developing its technology for private and enterprise customers in the United States and Canada, where these customers require a more reliable and advanced understanding of their property security.

For more information about RDARS, please visit its website at www.rdars.com 

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