Swedish drone flight between Linkoping and Norrkoping airports demonstrates integrated airspace

Air Mobility Consultants, IBG, in partnership with the world’s leading Unmanned Traffic Management Technology Provider, AstraUTM, will conduct Sweden’s first Intercity Drone Flight between Linkoping and Norrkoping Airports on October 6th 2022. The flight will be tracked in real time using Astra’s UTM system, delivering flight planning, in-flight monitoring, airspace awareness and collision resolution. The Astra automated system is designed to safely integrate unmanned air traffic into LFV managed airspace in line with Sweden’s regulatory guidelines set out for the U-space sector.

The drone is an eVTOL Katla 3, which can fly up to 200km on a single charge with a top speed of 250km/h and will be tracked via an AstraUTM 4G tracker fitted onto the drone. A flight corridor between the two cities will be activated at the time of the 20-25min flight, the purpose of which is to deliver a package being carried on its journey to Norrkoping Airport. Following the drone flight demo, AstraUTM will go on to further demonstrate their UTM system in the Dome.

A seminar has also been organized whereby industry leaders and researchers will provide findings from the project and share their perspectives on the future of the Air Mobility Industry. The event which runs over two days has been two years in the making and was funded by Sesar Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Jesper Low, CEO at A2M Advanced Air Mobility, IBG said: “During the course of the project we have learnt much, including how the airspace above the cities will be important parts of the planning of green transport in the future. The technology is now already in place and a number of stakeholders will become established. But permits, flight infrastructure and collaboration with societal functions will be crucial to which cities become locations for the first drone transport nodes.”

Billy Josefsson, Chief Program Manager, LFV said: “In just a few years we will see drones in the air when we look out of our windows, predicts program chief Billy Josefsson, LFV. Today’s demonstration flight was one part of the operational concept for Europe. We are going to see services of benefit to society, emergency service activities, and urban air mobility expand as a result of the new regulations. LFV has been commissioned by the Swedish government to install a technical support system for information sharing and awarding permits for the lower airspace which will then become part of the infrastructure.”

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