Leonardo DRS Teams with SpearUAV Ltd for Nano-scale Aerial Munitions

Leonardo DRS, Inc. (DRS) announced today its Land Systems business unit in St. Louis, Missouri has entered into an agreement with SpearUAV Ltd. (Spear) of Israel to develop a version of Spear’s VIPER nano-scale aerial munition for the US market.

Under terms of the agreement, DRS and Spear are adapting the VIPER aerial munition to meet the emerging requirements of multiple US military customers. Spear developed VIPER rapidly in response to lessons learned during recent major conflicts. The vertical launch, quad-rotor VIPER provides a warfighter at the tactical edge an affordable, simple-to-use, and effective organic aerial munition against a variety of targets including those in defilade.

Small aerial munitions like VIPER are revolutionizing small unit tactics by putting precision lethality literally in the hands of the individual warfighter. VIPER provides organic, responsive, precision fires at the squad level, allowing operators to destroy immediate threats like enemy snipers and RPG teams without relying on higher-level assets. The delivery accuracy possible with VIPER also minimizes collateral damage in complex urban terrain.

This partnership leverages Leonardo DRS’ extensive platform integration and payload development experience with SpearUAV’s technological synergies for the US Defense market.

“We continue to prioritize investments to meet critical unit capability gaps and user-identified requirements. We then design, build and test integrated solutions that are mature, affordable, and rapidly available to meet accelerated customer demands,” said Aaron Hankins, Senior VP / General Manager of DRS Land Systems. “We recognized Spear as a leading-edge AI and unmanned technology company, and we are very excited about this new partnership. VIPER expands our current sUAS efforts and brings a much-needed lethal munition capability to warfighters now.”

SpearUAV CEO Gadi Kuperman added, “We want to provide the user the ability to treat VIPER the same way they would any other piece of combat equipment or munition, such as a bullet or a grenade. It’s a battlefield tool; it’s ready and meant to be used at any time and without hesitation. And that could be for an infantry soldier or for land or naval platform crews.”

About SpearUAV Ltd.

Spear is an Israel-based technology company, active since 2017 in the development and manufacturing of unmanned air systems for defense and HLS applications.

As a single source supplier for several Israeli MOD programs, Spear provides military clients, organizations, and governments around the globe with robust, autonomous, AI-based aerial systems.

With a blend of civilian and military backgrounds, the Spear team brings multidisciplinary expertise in areas including: drone development, aerospace, AI & ATR, military explosives, swarm operation and more.

Spear UAVs’ Ninox family of encapsulated UAS are instantly launched – in individual or P2MP (Point To Multi Point) configuration – and intuitively operated. Providing combat-proven on-demand and on-the-move air capabilities and delivering instant ISTAR missions and aerial loitering munition for precision-attack capabilities, Ninox empowers individual warfighters, and equips manned & unmanned vehicles and allied systems with a new aerial dimension that meets the challenges of today’s battlefield. See www.spearuav.com for more information.

About Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS, Inc., headquartered in Arlington VA, develops and manufactures advanced defense products for the U.S. military, intelligence agencies and allies around the world. The company’s broad technology portfolio focuses on advanced sensing, network computing, force protection, and electrical power and propulsion, as well as a range of key defense priorities. Our innovative people are leading the way in developing disruptive technologies for autonomous, dynamic, interconnected, and multi-domain capabilities to defend against new and emerging threats.

See how we are shaping the battlefield of tomorrow at www.LeonardoDRS.com.

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