Deployable 3D Drone Data Platform

MetaSpatial Solutions Pty Ltd., a leading geospatial science and technology company in
Australia, announced the MapSender (TM) 3D geospatial data solution available for local
deployment as a perpetual license as a replacement for traditional SaaS based geospatial and
drone data platforms. The core technology of the Mapsender has been under active
development since 2014 with 10,000+ professional global users. This advanced, enterprise-
grade and highly capable 3D geospatial platform can be easily deployed and customized with
your own domain name, your own data, applications and clients instead of using the
subscription-based products.

Drone service providers can now simply deploy the platform with full access control, e-
commerce, security protocols, client management, automation, and analytics enabling them to
leverage the full value of their data to a wider audience, create new business models and
focus on their core business concept instead of getting distracted and drifted by focusing on
developing an in-house custom geospatial data platform or relying on other SaaS providers.

Mapsender offers a mature, scalable, and secure building blocks ready to be used with your
own custom applications saving you and your organization at least a couple of years of
development and integration time. No data silos, no third-party SaaS, no security risks,
compatible with your existing GIS and analytics solutions. Multi-format and multi-source
geospatial data including but not limited to massive pointclouds and scanner data, imagery,
digital terrain models, reality mesh models, vector, and CAD data, 360 images, BIM, GIS and
metadata, live IoT sensor data, smart cities and open government data are supported for
streaming, 3D visualization and secure delivery. 3D streaming to existing GIS products such
as ESRI ArcGIS Online and other web or desktop software enables users to leverage the full
power of their existing software without the hassle of using and learning multiple packages
and extra software licenses.

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