Acronym Overload: UTM, SETIS, UFT, and FFC

ANRA Technologies is honored to be selected for two winning teams as a technology provider for the FAA UTM Field Test (UFT) projects for Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership in partnership with Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation, Texas, and Griffiss International Airport, New York. Activities will include flight tests in complex environments with operations over people, at night, and among diverse missions, as well as test updates to UTM technology such as data correlation using remote identification and updated cybersecurity framework.
Indian Drone Tracking
ANRA Technologies along with participation from the ideaForge and Asteria Aerospace, demonstrated live tracking of drones in India’s national airspace during July 2022. The demonstrations showcased two options: a software plugin as well as a small strap-on hardware module showcasing the various approaches possible for a tracking solution. Equipped with these capabilities, drones manufactured by ideaForge, Asteria Aerospace and ANRA were connected using ANRA’s Tracker Platform, enabling authorized users to view and track simultaneous drone operations happening in National Capital Region (NCR) and Bangalore.
ANRA is on two winning teams (Small and Large Business) for the SETIS portfolio, (Systems Engineering and Technical Innovative Solutions), one of the largest FAA has ever awarded. SETIS provides a broad range of research, service analysis, strategic planning, systems engineering, technical, financial, and programmatic support services, and other aviation related support services, that will enable the FAA to accomplish its modernization, Mission Support, and other aviation related mission objectives.
The SETIS contracts were awarded in June 2022 and run through 2032, if all options are exercised. Task Orders may extend up to 12 months beyond the expiration date of the Base contracts.
Future of Flight Challenge Phase 3
ANRA Technologies was awarded two United Kingdom Research and Innovation contracts for Future of Flight Challenge Phase 3. This effort will transform how the UK connects people, delivers goods and provides services by accelerating the acceptance of these vehicles into service by encouraging businesses to share knowledge and resources. ANRA along with consortium partners will support projects CALEUS and BLUEPRINT over the next two years. ANRA is thrilled to continue to support UK autonomous aircraft operations as a leading provider of airspace management technologies and look forward to advancing the industry along with our partners for projects CALEUS and BLUEPRINT.
Commercial UAV Expo
ANRA’s CEO, Amit Ganjoo, will be presenting at the Commercial UAV Expo in LasVegas on Sept 7 at 2 pm (PT). Please contact Leida at if you are attending and would like to connect with ANRA at the show sometime between Sep 6-8.

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