Drone Aerial Services Unveils New Technology That Could Change Advertising As We Know It

Imagine a world where you could see a billboard suspended in the sky. Well, that’s what Drone Aerial Services (DAS) has invented – a new technology that will allow drones to carry billboards in the sky in blowing wind. This patent pending technology is a game changer for advertising that will change how we view ads altogether. With this new technology, companies would have an entirely new way to reach consumers and promote their products or services.

Andrew Wise, an inventor from Glendale, Arizona and patent holder of prepaid cellular, has patented another groundbreaking invention. This time he’s invented a way to control suspended objects in the air and prevent them from blowing around uncontrollably, using SOOCS (Suspended Orientation Object Control System). Andrew formed DAS to utilize this technology!

With SOOCS, drones can now carry a larger-than life billboard advertisement in the air. Billboards will no longer be confined to fixed ground locations or on the sides of buses and trucks. Billboards will soar high above crowds with their positioning being controlled programmatically or from a remote controller below! This new technology has opened an entire world for airborne advertising that was not possible prior to SOOCS, because there was never a way to compensate for wind. Drone billboards now have the flexibility to be almost any place at any time. SOOCS is changing the way people see billboards. Drone billboards raise your advertising above the crowded landscape providing a unique and uncluttered view for advertising, with only one advertising being seen – yours!

The attached video demonstrates how DAS has implemented SOOCS with 3D Holographic technology. It produces a mesmerizing image that appears to magically float in the air at night. People are totally captivated by images floating in the sky – every eye is watching!

DAS is currently providing advertising quotes throughout the United States. With high demand from advertisers, DAS is also launching a partner program to help them expand their advertising inventory space. The participants in this partnership will be limited to 50 companies with registration starting August 8th on https://droneairsigns.com/business-partner-program/ and ending August 31, 2022.

DAS has reserved its rights to pursue an international patent and will consider additional investment for international expansion.

For more information visit droneairsigns.com

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