Zing Launches New Business Model : Zing Drone Solutions

Zing CEO and founder, Ian Annase, announces pivot from Zing Drone Delivery to Zing Drone Solutions. The launch of Zing’s expanded business model aims to provide an all-encompassing platform solution for businesses interested in drone delivery.

“We’ve been gaining a deep understanding of what it take to build a successful drone delivery operation since 2018,” Annase said. “Now we’re putting all of the pieces together to offer solutions that enable our customers to get their own operations off the ground.”

Zing Drone Solutions aims to empower businesses by providing customized drone delivery solutions that reduce operational risk and complexity. Featuring seamless integrations with key industry players and cutting-edge technology, Zing’s solutions contain all the components needed for end-to-end drone delivery operations.

Zing’s expansion highlights the need to reduce operational risk and complexity for drone delivery operators. In addition, the drone delivery industry is highly fragmented and heavily regulated making it difficult for businesses interested in drone delivery to implement this technology launch their own operations. Zing’s innovative solutions address these industry hurdles by enabling **b**usinesses to harness all of the components necessary for FAA regulatory compliance and scalable drone delivery operations.

“Zing is committed to providing practical, innovative solutions so everyone can benefit from drone delivery,” Annase said.

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