DroneUp Lands New Head of European Airspace Innovation

 DroneUp, LLC, an autonomous drone delivery platform and leading drone services provider, today announced the appointment of Sebastian (Seb) Babiarz as its head of European airspace innovation based in Poland. Seb brings 20 years of drone and telecom experience across Europe to one of the fastest-growing drone service providers in North America. Seb was recently COO at Dronehub, the drone-in-a-box provider for automated monitoring and data collection. Before that, he was head of strategic business development at AirMap, which DroneUp acquired in December 2021. Seb also previously held the role of Head of AMS Drone Business at Nokia, where he created and grew business opportunities for drone services for mobile networks globally. 

DroneUp has been focused on bringing safe and reliable commercial drone delivery and inspection services across the United States and now looks to Europe as the next phase of growth and opportunity. With a high appetite for drone services, the European market is ripe for further development and advancement of commercial drone services to serve residents and businesses. Currently, there is a keen focus on commercial drone regulations across Europe, while in the North American market, the focus has been on scaling operations. DroneUp, through its recent expansion with Walmart, has been leading this charge in the United States by providing delivery to 4 million U.S. households while also playing a significant role in the FAA’s Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee

“DroneUp has accomplished tremendous results over the past few years, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the organization as it looks to bring more exposure and validity to commercial drone services across Europe,” said Seb Babiarz. “DroneUp has proven know-how and ability to tackle the work that needs to be done when it comes to local commercial drone services. With its recent success and growth through its partnership with Walmart, I look forward to helping DroneUp prove widespread scale is capable of drone delivery and services. DroneUp’s focus and attention to safety, technology, and the preparation of its flight teams is something that attracted me. I look forward to bringing these operations to the European market that has been focused on its regulatory needs.”

Following the acquisition of AirMap, DroneUp has been committed to bringing together the global leaders in commercial drone technology. Seb’s experience with AirMap will allow DroneUp to continue pushing forward its mission with the number one Unmanned Air Traffic System Management (UTM) service across the European market. Through its recent success and expansion with Walmart and others, DroneUp is now poised to bring a complete offering to the European market. 

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Seb join our team,” said Andy Thurling, vice president of airspace innovation at DroneUp. “Seb not only brings two decades of experience to our team but a true passion to align the right products, technologies, and systems to deliver on what our customers are asking for today. I look forward to partnering closely with him as we expand our reach and ability across the European market.”

“DroneUp has a solid business case in the United States through its work with Walmart, and I look forward to helping bring these capabilities to European organizations soon,” added Babiarz.”

About DroneUp

DroneUp is an American technology company that combines airspace solutions, software applications, analytics platforms, and a trusted team of industry leaders to help companies operate at scale with drone innovation. 

In 2021, DroneUp received a significant investment from the #1 retailer in the world, Walmart, Inc.  DroneUp was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

For more information: https://www.droneup.com.

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