Anemoment Shipping Its Lightest, Most Advanced Data Logger to Date, the DL422

In keeping with their commitment of delivering Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)-optimized components for the UAS/UAV markets, Anemoment LLC, a specialized meteorological instrument design firm headquartered in Longmont, CO, announced today the release of its lightest and most advanced data
logger, the Anemoment Data Logger 422 (DL422). Architected to collect data from up to 4 serial instruments, 2 analog inputs, and 2 digital inputs; the DL422 can also connect with GPS receiver and radio transceiver modules. The DL422-B (circuit-board only) weighs in at only 30.5 grams, making it ideal for UAS/UAV integration.

Supporting the entire TriSonica™ family of ultrasonic 3D anemometers or other serial ASCII-based instruments, the DL422 is available as a circuit board (DL422-B) or in a IP67 rated weather-tight enclosure with either a single (DL422-E1), double (DL422-E2), or quadruple (DL422-E4) TriSonica sensor connection.

The DL422 is a fully integrated and seamless data solution for Anemoment’s complete family of TriSonica 3D ultrasonic sensors. Gone are the days of hacking together a solution using multiple PCBs from various vendors to match voltage levels and power requirements for integrating a TriSonica Sphere™ Wind Flux Sensor or TriSonica Mini™ Wind & Weather Sensor into your platforms.

The DL422 ensures users’ ease of integration via standardized connectors for 3rd party radio, GPS, and batteries (UN38.3 certified). To enable maximum power flexibility, the DL422’s operating voltage range operates from a simple AC power adapter, a UAS/UAV battery, or a solar/wind charged battery system. Furthermore, data is stored locally on a MicroSD card or can be easily transmitted over a serial data link.

“With the release of the TriSonica Sphere and its ability to accurately measure atmospheric turbulence and flux measurements, users have been searching for a data logger that supports the Sphere’s unique capabilities,” says Stephen Osborn, CTO Anemoment. “The Data Logger 422 not only delivers on those requirements but does so with a size and weight-optimized for UAS deployments.”

The Anemoment Data Logger 422 is currently available and shipping directly from Anemoment. Complete specifications and order inquiries can be obtained on the company’s website:

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