Quantum-Systems and Propeller Aero Partner to Provide PPK Support for Trinity F90+ Drone

Propeller will combine their advanced drone surveying analysis technology with the
Quantum-Systems eVTOL unmanned aircraft to streamline data collection on large worksites. F
A win for large site surveying 
The partnership results in the compatibility of Propeller’s site surveying and 3D mapping software with the Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ drone. Propeller’s Post-Processed Kinematic solution (PPK) enables seamless surveying and 3D mapping of worksites across the construction, mining and earthworks industries. Coupled with our Trinity F90+ drone, a dedicated large scale mapping drone, contractors will be able to improve survey accuracy, condense their traditionally weeks-long data collection process into a few hours, and quickly share digital models among their broader worksite teams.

Addressing customer needs, modernizing workflows  

To use the combined solution, surveyors place Propeller AeroPoints™ (smart ground control points) around the worksite, fly the Trinity F90+ drone above to collect survey data and upload that data to Propeller’s cloud-based platform where it is processed and available to use within 24 hours.

“The drone industry has progressed a lot over the last couple of years, along with customer expectations,” notes Florian Seibel, Co-founder and CEO of Quantum-Systems. “It is no longer reasonable to have customers figure out a complete solution for their needs. As a technology company, we listen to our customers and understand their needs and how best to address them. With the full Trimble Stratus solution completed with Trinity F90+, customers can proactively finish their projects from end to end.”

Easy to source

Clients will now have the ability to purchase the complete solution of Trimble Stratus and Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ through Propeller’s channel partnership with Trimble®, the global leader in positioning technologies, and through participating SITECH® distributors.

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