NAV CANADA Celebrates 1st Anniversary of NAV Drone Deployment 

In 2020, NAV CANADA entered into an agreement with Unifly, a strategic technology partner in the deployment of a national system to provide digital services for safely operating and managing drones in Canadian airspace. And in June 2021, exactly one year ago today, a central component of that system was launched: the NAV Drone app. 

Today, the NAV Drone app has more than 20 000 users registered. The application has benefited the broader aviation system, as it reduces the risk of accidental incursions by Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) operators through increased situational awareness for pilots and air traffic services personnel. 

“The NAV Drone system is a key component of our national drone strategy, which signals our commitment to safely supporting this growing segment of airspace users and serves as an important building block towards an integrated RPAS Traffic Management environment,” said Raymond G. Bohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, NAV CANADA. This fully digitized system is designed to support drone flights within visual line of sight. It also makes the process of requesting authorization to fly in controlled airspace easier and faster for qualified drone pilots. The application was developed to meet current regulations and will be updated as the regulatory environment evolves. The NAV Drone system has an intuitive user interface that enables Canadian drone pilots to access web and mobile applications to identify safe and legal airspace, plan flights, and manage operations, pilots, and drone fleets.  NAV Drone has been used across the industry to support a wide range of missions, from inspections and photography to first responders and emergency services. Even the successful transport of a human lung for transplant between Toronto hospitals received permission to access controlled airspace through NAV Drone.  “We are proud of our partnership with NAV CANADA and what we have helped achieve this past year. The success of NAV Drone demonstrates further how Unifly, as a leading supplier of Unmanned Traffic Management solutions, is the ideal partner for national Air Navigation Service Providers and Civil Aviation Authorities,” said Andres Van Swalm, Co-Founder and CEO of Unifly.  As Canada’s air navigation service provider, NAV CANADA has an essential role in developing an operating environment that supports the innovative potential of the drone industry and ensures safety across Canadian airspace.  For more information on NAV Drone visit our website at NAV Drone
About NAV CANADA NAV CANADA is a private, not-for-profit company, established in 1996, providing air traffic control, airport advisory services, weather briefings, and aeronautical information services for more than 18 million square kilometers of Canadian domestic and international airspace. The Company is internationally recognized for its safety record, and technology innovation. Air traffic management systems developed by NAV CANADA are used by air navigation service providers in countries worldwide.

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