Septentrio showcases its latest anti-jamming and
anti-spoofing GNSS technology
at ION Joint Navigation Conference

Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GPS/GNSS positioning solutions, will be showcasing at the ION Joint Navigation Conference (JNC) its latest protection technology against GPS jamming and spoofing** threats. A controlled GPS spoofing demonstration will be conducted, as well as a comparison of jamming solutions from high-end COTS GNSS receivers.

The Septentrio’s integration of the latest anti-spoofing authentication mechanism, called OSNMA, will also be shown. OSNMA anti-spoofing authentication from Galileo is available now in Septentrio receivers including the mosaic module, the AsteRx-m3 OEM boards and the PolaRx reference receivers. For more info contact the Septentrio team.

The ION JNC conference will take place from 6-9 June in San Diego, California with Septentrio displaying their technology in booth #220

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